Our name continues to proclaim the same mission statement that the agency adopted with its founding almost 30 years ago. PUBLIC RELATIONS PARTNERS places its faith in professional, stable and loyal relationships with customers, media and the public. We understand our role as that of a partner working at eye level with our clients to set the agenda for contemporary topics and shape public debate.

Together with our clients we seek the most effective way to lead a transparent dialogue with their target groups, while representing their position clearly and sustainably over longer term.


PUBLIC RELATIONS PARTNERS Gesellschaft für Kommunikation mbH (company of limited liability) was founded by Hannemie Stitz-Krämer in 1989 as a PR agency with a strong focus on international business. At that time, a unique selling point among owner-operated agencies in Germany. From the very beginning the agency's greatest strengths lie not only in the the cross-boarder open-mindedness, but in the integration of innovative tools and topics representing the modern spirit and way of thinking into the PR mission.

History creates identity

The first three customers shaped the development of the company. All were, and continue to be, international market leaders: KELLOGG and Ciba Geigy representing the areas of healthcare and nutrition, with campaigns to alter dietary behaviour and to help quit smoking. These were followed by Europay International in Brussels, now MasterCard Europe, with the introduction of automatic teller machines (ATMs).

This included the launch of the EC debit card as the first European cross-border currency combined with an informational campaign regarding electronic payment. Our specialisation in the healthcare/nutrition/lifestyle and financial service sectors derived from these early campaigns and they now more than two decades later, represent PUBLIC RELATIONS PARTNERS’ strongest business sectors. At the turn of the millennium we expanded into the information technology sector and accompany M&A processes in a wide range of industries sectors.

By the end of the 1990s, after ten years of continuous growth, PUBLIC RELATIONS PARTNERS was significantly involved in both national and international agency networks and a well-known best practice partner for global PR organisations. From 1995 to 2002, the agency's owner represented the interests of the Gesellschaft Public Relations Agenturen (GPRA) (Association for Public Relations Agencies), while on the Executive Board of the parent
organisation International Communications Consultancy Organisation (ICCO).  From 1999 to 2007, she was member of the Executive Board of Pinnacle Worldwide, an owner-operated international agency network. There she became the first woman and non-US citizen to be elected president of the organisation in 2005.

PUBLIC RELATIONS PARTNERS' success story continues with the next generation, Isabelle and Kristen Prochnow, at the helm.

The success of the past has shaped PUBLIC RELATIONS PARTNERS and an exciting future lies before us in a market and opinion oriented environment full of communicative challenges. The media landscape is changing at a breathtaking speed, both in terms of technology and content. Communication with the various target groups has become faster and more challenging, but- at the same time, easier to comprehend. Topics of social relevance regarding responsibility, transparency and sustainability are gaining new importance and thus finding recognition in the daily consulting services provided by PUBLIC RELATIONS PARTNERS in the corresponding business areas.

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Facts & Figures


Sharing knowledge and strong teamwork

The PUBLIC RELATIONS PARTNERS team joins communication professionals with many years of experience in strategic consulting, development and management of national and international communication programmes with highly specialised agency newcomers.

Tailored to the missions and goals of our clients, we combine our expertise and abilities and supplement them with the expertise and resources of our partner agencies from the 27&More network. With this broad pool of knowledge, the opportunities are virtually limitless as our skilled teams tackle your strategic communication tasks.

Our way of thinking? Generalistic.
Our consulting services? Individual.
Our realisation? With prudence and love for perfection. 

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Tomorrow’s PR classics

Since its founding, PUBLIC RELATIONS PARTNERS has linked its own work with traditional and timeless moral values, transparency, credibility, responsibility, tolerance, respect, integrity and loyalty.

We have great faith in the traditional foundation pillars of PR and realign them to meet the new challenges and opportunities of today's world. This strategy leads to innovative and effective communication solutions and concepts that create and convey values for our values for our customers, setting trends and enriching the public debate.

Our triad:
Recognize the matter (analysis)
Think in options (interdisciplinary thought)
Act with sound judgement (competence)

Relations for success®

For PUBLIC RELATIONS PARTNERS, successful communication is based on loyal partnerships with customers and employees, professional partnerships with the media, opinion leaders and multipliers as well as efficient and reliable partnerships as networkers both nationally and internationally.

We trust in lasting alliances and sustainable communications - across all relevant channels, with experience, prudence and a focus on the essentials. We define long-term and valuable relationships according to the quality of information and substance of dialogues.

Relations for Success ® stand for a unique consulting and service philosophy which provides our customers with optimal and individual solutions.

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